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             It is an irresistible illness caused by a coronavirus. Most individuals contaminated with the COVID-19 infection will encounter mellow to direct respiratory sickness and recoup without requiring extraordinary treatment. More seasoned individuals and those with basic therapeutic issues like cardiovascular illness, diabetes, persistent respiratory illness, and cancer are more likely to create genuine illnesses. The best way to avoid and moderate down transmission is to be well educated about the COVID-19 infection, the infection it causes, and how it spreads. Ensure yourself and others from disease by washing your hands or utilizing an alcohol-based rub regularly and not touching your face. The COVID-19 infection spreads fundamentally through beads of spit or release from the nose when an tainted individual hacks or sniffles, so it’s vital simply moreover hone respiratory behavior.


             COVID-19 influences distinctive individuals in completely different ways. Most tainted individuals will create gentle to direct ailment and recoup without hospitalization.

Most common symptoms:

  • fever
  • dry cough
  • Tiredness

 Less common symptoms:

  • aches and pain
  • sore throat diarrhea
  • headache loss of taste or smell
  • hasty on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:

  • difficulty breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • chest torment 
  • loss of speech or movement

Seek prompt therapeutic consideration in case you have got genuine indications to go to a  specialist or wellbeing facility. People with mellow indications who are something else sound ought to oversee their indications at home. Normally it takes 5–6 days from when somebody is tainted with the infection for indications to appear, in any case it can take up to 14 days.


       Let’s talk about current heroes of our nations “doctors and health care workers”,Doctors have played a major role in our individuals lives from our birth and today they are working even harder than ever to cure this deadly virus.

       Medical attendants are said to be the wellbeing warriors who have taken on their duty exceptionally with their heart and soul. They are working day and night without even considering their life and family and contributes the love and care to the patients in the covid zone.

 At helpless minutes like these, it is the medical caretakers who are holding the duty and responsibility for giving consolation to patients and their respective families.

      Doctors and medical staff have to wear Personal Protection Equipment or PPE which comprises protective clothing, gloves, etc. But due to the increasing count of corona patients these are in short supply and expensive, which compels them to preserve resources. Many doctors and nurses are now working non-stop for 6-7 hours in one go, without any breaks. Many nurses and doctors have been complaining of fatigue, dehydration, and headaches due to the tiring schedules.

       Medical caretakers are working around the clock, pushing themselves to the restrain and putting their lives on the line oh danger


           We all have come across the statement “ A good citizen adds strength to the nation”.Now as we all are experiencing a great downfall all over the world, we people have to take responsibility in our hands to protect ourselves which also helps in protecting our nation also.

Mass media have long been recognized as powerful forces shaping how we experience the world and ourselves. This recognition is accompanied by a growing volume of research that closely follows the footsteps of technological transformations (e.g. radio, movies, television, the internet, mobiles) in an attempt to map mass media major impacts on how we perceive ourselves, both as individuals and citizens.

         We must not forget that the pandemic has resulted in mass unemployment, depleted social safety nets, starvation, and millions slipping into poverty.Its all over the media and social platforms and we are going through all the news, a small initiative we take results in a great change in one’s life.we must understand everyone’s situation and come up with what we can like providing food packages for the needy out there in our locality, handing over any sanitary supplements and health care product for the workers who work for us.

    World is confronting such a phenomenal emergency everywhere. Each day, we are about to hear painful news about the patients and health care workers who all are lacking supplements . Countries must keep nourishment supply chains lively and secure the foremost helpless. What the world needs right now is solidarity along with strong administration guided by science, information, morals and sympathy.

      We are encountering an unused routine nowadays. This startling and unfavorable habits and mentality has affected the economies intensely. Several people have taken an awful hit. But in a few cases, the results are exponentially positive. The flexibility and imaginative choice making will play a key part within the supportability of the enterprise.


            Don’t get near to anybody, particularly touching or shaking hands. Moreover, use three layered makes when out with companions or family.Avoid people who are likely to have cold or symptoms of could and cough.

Do not spit at public places , please use your tissues and throw them in trash after using it. Educate others also not to spit at public places and sidewalks.Avoid going restaurants, gym, theatre ,malls, and any other spaces where people are in close contact with each other. Avoid tight or crowded running or walking trails, sidewalks, or tracks that prevent you from practicing social distance.Avoid non-essential appointments that put you in close contact with another person such as hair appointments,  physical therapy, and any other non-essential doctor’s appointment that you can delay.

Try to travel by your own vehicle and avoid public transportations.Travelling via public transportation like bus , train might result in furious spread of infection.so prefer going individual travels than group travels and in emergency times only.

Do not touch your face, nose and mouth often. This avoids the risks of developing the virus.The doctor advised some more precautions. He said that at social gatherings, and even otherwise, people should make it a habit to not touch their faces.

“Both livelihood and life is important”,take care of yourselves and your surroundings.