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About The NHN

The New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre (NDCHRC), a unique non-profit organization founded by Mr. Pratyush Kumar in 2016, has been working relentlessly since its inception to provide high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to children all over India. 


Our Mission

To be an equal opportunity provider for the upliftment of the underprivileged children by providing them timely education, shelter, food and care.

To be known as an organisation, with an innovative and robust approach, towards the upliftment of the needy and neglected children.

Our Vision

Our Vision is, to reach the maximum needy, to be in reach of all the needy, be the most sought for, recognized and admired organisation, supporting the overall development of underprivileged children.

Our Story

How We Got Started

NDCHRC Healthcare Network (NHN) is an unit of NDCHRC Charitable Trust focused on providing Quality, Ethical and Affordable Healthcare to All. Established in 2016, the organization, the only one of its kinds, aims to become one of the largest Charitable Non-Profit Healthcare Network in the world. NHN provides a unique and dedicated platform to connect with Volunteers, Doctors, Professionals, Corporate, Philanthropists and Youth to come together to build this valuable and caring network of like-minded and kind-hearted people. Healthcare is the key for our existence and well being in this planet. We all need the best possible healthcare without any discrimination to survive, prosper and realize our dreams. Every life matters irrespective of their origin and financial status. For this, NHN is actively collaborating with all key stakeholders.

NHN is supported by 1000+ passionate volunteers, 100+ Kind-hearted Doctors and Medical Professionals. NHN team is involved in creating awareness about various healthcare issues with a special focus on Children, Women and Elderly People who are most vulnerable and need our help. Team regularly organizes Mega Health Camps, Nutritious Meal Distribution Drives, and Donation Drives focused on providing timely help to underprivileged people.

NHN is providing health care services via tele consulting as well as at its healthcare centre in New Delhi. NHN has collaborated with a number of organizations to provide discounts and other benefits to its members. NHN is in always look out for entering into strategic tie-ups with like-minded companies especially online medicine retailers, insurance companies, pharmacies, pathological labs, imaging service providers and other healthcare services or products for helping its members and common people.

We focus on the basics such as education, health, food and shelter. Our approach is holistic and our style hands on. We are on the ground, where it matters most for the child. We enable both families and communities. We have several grass roots initiatives.

NHN’s Key Objectives are:

1. Bringing together kind-hearted healthcare practitioners, volunteers and healthcare service providers under one umbrella; to gain synergy, cost effectiveness, and to collaborate on best practice patient care across the globe.
2. To coordinate and provide resources to its members to assist them, particularly in achieving efficient and effectively managed ethical patient care servicing.
3. Raise Funds for Helping People suffering from various health issues.
4. Create Awareness on various healthcare issues.
5. Support Research & Training, Purchase Equipment, and provide charitable care.

Future Plans:

In the next 2 to 5 years NHN wants to expand its services to include Ambulance Services, Blood Bank, Nurse Training College & Medical College, Satellite Centres in major Indian cities, Telemedicine facility to serve rural areas as well as provide Medical Analytics, Research & Development services.

Thanks to the amazing help and support received from the common people, NHN has gone about transforming one child, one family, one community at a time to make a positive difference to the thousands of children who have been deprived of timely and quality healthcare. In last three years, NHN team has organised 55+ Health Camps and has run numerous other initiatives to educate, guide and help 35000+ underprivileged children.

Saving Lives & Building Families Since 2016

Children Helped


Health Camps

We’ve Raised over Rs 30,00,000 to Help Homeless Children Around India

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